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Dedicated to the education & support of professional supervised visitation monitors


Professional monitors in California should have an excellent working knowledge of California Rules of Court 5.20. They should also have training in the following subjects:

(1)   The role of a professional provider;

(2)   Safety and security procedures;

 (3)   Ratio of children to provider;

 (4)   Child abuse reporting laws;

 (5)   Record-keeping procedures;

 (6)   Maintenance and Disclosure of Records;

 (7)   Screening, monitoring, and termination of visitation;

 (8)   Developmental needs of children;

 (9)   Legal responsibilities and obligations of a provider;

 (10) Temporary suspension or termination of supervised visitation;

 (11) Cultural sensitivity;

 (12) Conflicts of interest; and confidentiality;

 (13) Basic child development and effective parenting skills;

(14)  Impact of divorce and separation on children and parent;  

(15)  Parent and child estrangement and the introduction or re-introduction process;

 (16) Issues relating to substance abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse, and domestic violence;

(17) Issues relating to physical and mental health development issues and impairments; and

(18)  High conflict parenting styles;
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